Monday, March 25, 2013

बुद्धिर् बलम्.. (buddhir balam..)


I wanted to post slokAs of  Lord Shiva during the week of mahAshivarAtri, but got side-tracked with other things. I will save those for a later time. In this post, I will post one of my favorite slokAs which I have been wanting to write about for a while.

बुद्धिर् बलम् यशो धैर्यम्
निर्भयत्वम् अरोगताम् 
अजाड्यम् वाक् पटुत्वम् च​
हनुमत् स्मरणात् भवेत्॥

buddhir balam yasho dhairyam
nirbhayatvam arogatAm
ajADyam vAk paTutvam ca
hanumat smaraNAt bhavet ||

This is one of the simplest slokAs you will come across with a very simple meaning. बुद्धि (buddhi) - intelligence, बलम् (balam) - strength, यश् (yash) - fame, धैर्यम् (dhairyam) - courage, निर्भयत्वम् (nirbhayatvam) - fearlessness,  अरोगताम् (arogatAm) - disease-free health,  अजाड्यम् (ajADyam) - determination,  वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ (vAk paTutvam ca) - and articulateness of speech, will all last forever (भवेत्, bhavet) if you meditate (स्मरणात् , smaraNAt) on Lord Hanuman (हनुमत्, hanumat) at all times.

The quality that stands out for me whenever I recite any Hanuman slokAs or read stories about him is his humility. Despite his immense strength and courage, he embraces the role of a humble servant at all times. In one of the innumerable stories about him, he was offered the chance to give up mortal life for good. However, he turned that offer down since he wanted to live on forever here on Earth all the while meditating on his dear Lord Rama. He did not want the pleasures of the other worlds to distract him. Such is his faith, chastity and spirit of bhakti.


  1. वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ (vAk paTutvam ca) - and articulateness of speech, will all last forever

    Does that sanskrit word literally translate to articulateness ?
    I like the humility in hanuman too - as much as his devotion. But I am always confused about : if its easier to be humble when there is no competition. Like its easier to meditate when its quiet. Maybe there are parables on false humility.

  2. Yes, वाक् translates to speech and पटुत्वम् to astuteness/articulateness.

    I, in fact, tend to think the other way. A beggar may be very charitable, but that is very easy for him to do since he has nothing to give away anyway. Only when a person who has amassed riches chooses to part with it, it demonstrates charity. Likewise, a meek person can easily be humble, but for someone who knows he can dominate the world to curb his instincts and be humble is the true display of humility.

    I actually find it very difficult to meditate even when its quiet!


  3. ajaadyam means tirelessness or always being agile or active and not determination. vaak patutvam means speech clarity and and speech with less words and more meaning.



  5. is this the complete version

  6. Very nice sloka and explanation

  7. how many times to chant this mantra daily " buddhir balam yasho dhairyam"

    1. Once daily with total attention to its meaning is great. After that, it is up to you, based on time available and commitment.

  8. May i know the source for this slokam pls.

  9. "Anjana Nandanam Veeram Janaki Shoka Naashanam |
    Kapeesha Aksha Hantharan vandhe Lanka Bhayankaram ||"
    Meaning of Hanuman mantra:
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