Friday, December 10, 2010


The very premise under which I started this blog was to eliminate the confusion that transliteration can cause in phonetics. However, after sending out my initial few posts to a few friends and relatives for some feedback, the overwhelming response I got was to add back the transliteration! I tried to resist the idea, but I have finally caved in and have decided to include both the Sanskrit versions as well as the transliterations in my posts. I have provided a transliteration guide on the right hand side (the widgets section) of the blog. This includes a phonetics guide also to help pronounce the alphabets. As you can see from the posts, the transliterations can at times look really clumsy. So, if you can use the guide to come up to speed with the Sanskrit alphabets themselves, you will find it a lot easier to read the posts as well as understand some of the structure in the language. With this minor digression out of the way, I look forward to getting back to my regular posting routine!

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    Dear Friend,

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